REVEL Magazine

Auburn University

Fall 2018

Magazine Design



Revel is a quarterly travel magazine made to inspire and inform the explorers at heart. We strive to communicate the importance of not only seeing the many faces of our beautiful country, but experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and people. At Route & Revel we aim to awaken the amateur adventurers and inspire the professional dirt-bags. We believe that breaking out of our comfort zones of our every day life is essential for an abundantly full life.


Revel targets male and female travel buffs in the U.S. We primarily target readers around the ages of 20-30 who want to stay up to date on the latest travel technologies, hacks, and news. The audience consists of readers who are seeking roads less traveled, car-ride recipes, and camp-fire stories. Our competitors include other U.S. concentrated travel magazines like Travel+Leisure, American Road, and Rova. Revel sets itself apart from the crowd by combining informative articles, personal stories, and innovative design. Our voice is informative and relatable. We aim to empower young adventure-seekers and reignite the wanderlust in the heart’s of our readers. We want to provide an outlet for our readers to learn, share, and motivate one another. Our voice is gritty, unconventional, and quirky.


Revel is a standard 8.5”x11” size. We print on environmental paper to help keep the beautiful landscapes, that inspires our content, flourishing.