Senior Project

Auburn University

Fall 2018



Ad Campaign





The New Ideal is a women’s clothing store located on 2nd Avenue in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The New Ideal originally provided apparel for the Birmingham community from 1908 until the late 1980s. They took pride in their variety, locality, and family values against corporate fashion competitors in the Birmingham area. After 30 years of silence, the New Ideal will open its doors once again as a modern-day, fair-trade, women’s clothing store with a retro twist in the Magic City. The 2019 New Ideal is just that, the new ideal of women’s fashion. With our production factory upstairs, and our store front downstairs, we are passionate about empowering the ethical clothing movement in America today. We sell clothes made by women, for women locally. Combining the classic styles from the 1960s – 1980s with modern day trends and sensibilities, the New Ideal aims to preserve the past and embrace the future.

Our primary audience consists of young adult women between the ages of 16 – 30. We aim to stay true to the styles that originally helped the New Ideal flourish. While women are faced with unrealistic beauty standards in today’s marketing world, we will provide female fashion positivity for women of all kinds. An “ideal” is defined as a principle to be aimed at. We believe that dressing yourself to feel confident and delighted will help radiate the positivity we strive to spread.