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Flint Leather Co.



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In 2014 Flint was born. Our founder was attending Auburn University with an unsure idea of what the future held. In an effort of self discovery, he dropped out of college for a semester, called up some friends who did the the same and they packed up a pickup truck and hit the road headed west. During this time he was dabbling in leather tooling. On the road they sold wallets, keychains and bracelets on street corners all over the US in order to pay for food and gas to get to the next location, which they often flipped a coin to decide on the direction for their next adventure.


This is where the name Flint comes from. Flint being a catalyst of ignition for fire, we hope to ignite the fire of adventure for everyone we come in contact with. No matter how big or small that adventure may feel. Everything is an adventure.


Life is the adventure.