Website Re-design

      Crepe Myrtle’s atmosphere is welcoming, cheerful, bright, and fresh. Their website audience calls on a wide variety of people, from locals who need to look up the hours, to visitors looking up the menu for the first time. Their small-town, warm welcome draws in a wide age range from college students to families. Their website needs to capture the bright, exuberant mood of the space. Crepe Myrtle is half restaurant, half farmers market. The website needs to be accustomed for people who are good at using technology and also people who do not know much about technology. 

     Crepe Myrtle’s website re-design called for a complete re-branding. It needed a new logo and identity system to capture their unique essence. The main goal was to translate their distinct, bright atmosphere onto their website. Crepe Myrtle is such a well-known Auburn hot-spot and it deserves to have a solid branding system and logo mark that will leave and even better impression. Using bright colors and quality photography were two main concepts to elevate their website experience. The site will be minimalistic and simple to navigate.