Stationery Suite

AstroMax is the future's number-one, adrenaline-spiking, source of entertainment. This attraction combines the educational aspect of a museum with the exhilaration of an amusement park. AstroMax is the world's first zero-gravity planetarium. Visitor's get a 360˚ outer-space experience while learning about constellations, planets, history, and more. AstroMax allows people to get the most realistic outer-space experience right here on planet earth. Our company calls on anyone from the age of ten and older to come experience the universe beyond our planet. We host field-trips, scheduled tours, and allow walk-ins. AstroMax has five locations in New York City, NY, Denver, Colorado, Orlando, FL, Houston, TX, and our home-base in San Diego, CA.


This Stationary Suite includes: a pocket folder, letter head, envelope, business card, tour itinerary, and admission tickets. The theme of the branding is zero-gravity combined with line work, circular forms and geometric sans-serif typography to capture a futuristic, space-age mood. Our primary audience is children and young adults, and our secondary audience is adults. With new 2587 technology, anyone is able to enjoy the earth-bound outer-space experience.